Dr K Syinide

Reiki Infused Crystal with Corresponding Poetic Inspiration Card

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       Time to swing with the woo-woo and kick those bad vibes to the curb! I've noticed over the last year and a bit that during my self-Reiki sessions, I was experiencing poetic inspiration in hyper-vivid ways. Of course, I didn't let this go to waste and was careful to take notes. I often use a crystal while doing this and over time started gifting these along with a snippet of poetry inspired by the experience and I am now making these available to you.
      Along with a random crystal, you will receive a handwritten and dated piece of poetic composition on a special card. The majority of these "little" pieces end up being part of a larger work which in many cases you will see published in one of my upcoming or current chapbooks and are a truly unique item for personal enjoyment and as a special present to somebody near and dear. 
     The stones are mounted or wrapped and come with a basic necklace ready to wear and are all different and random, just like the written piece you will receive. The card itself may vary from the one pictured as well. I can do my best to accommodate requests but as the cards and crystal are sealed upon completion, I am unable to provide a specific stone, however, if you have it in mind that you simply MUST have a Rose quartz or a Dalmatian Jasper, please direct message me and I will do my utmost to accommodate at a future date.
     I suppose it should also be mentioned that I in no way claim these crystals have healing properties or will bring you fame and fortune, they simply are infused with a combination of reiki and my personal energy. If they do bring you fame and fortune...YOWZA...more power to you!